Meta introduces parental controls on Instagram.

 Meta introduces parental controls on Instagram.

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has recently announced the introduction of parental controls on the popular social media platform. This move comes as a response to growing concerns about the safety of children and young people online.

The new parental controls will allow parents to monitor their children’s activity on Instagram, including the content they post, the people they interact with, and the messages they send. Parents will also be able to set limits on the amount of time their children spend on the app and restrict access to certain features, such as direct messaging.

In addition to these controls, Meta has also pledged to increase its efforts to combat online bullying and harassment. The company has already implemented a number of measures to address this issue, including the ability to report abusive content and the use of artificial intelligence to detect and remove harmful comments.

The introduction of parental controls on Instagram is a positive step towards creating a safer online environment for children and young people. However, it is important to note that these controls are not a substitute for parental supervision and guidance. Parents should still be actively involved in their children’s online activities and have open and honest conversations about the risks and benefits of social media.

It is also important for young people to be educated about online safety and responsible social media use. Schools and other organizations can play a key role in providing this education and promoting digital literacy.

Overall, the introduction of parental controls on Instagram is a welcome development in the ongoing effort to create a safer and more responsible online community. By working together, parents, educators, and social media companies can help ensure that children and young people can enjoy the benefits of social media while staying safe and protected.