Manulife launches FutureBoost for Filipinos’ faster goals.

 Manulife launches FutureBoost for Filipinos’ faster goals.

Manulife, one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines, has recently launched a new product called FutureBoost. This innovative product is designed to help Filipinos achieve their financial goals faster and more efficiently.

FutureBoost is a savings plan that offers a guaranteed return on investment, making it a safe and secure way to save money. It also comes with a unique feature called the “Booster,” which allows customers to increase their savings by up to 50% in just five years.

This means that if a customer saves Php 10,000 per month for five years, they can potentially have Php 1.2 million in savings by the end of the term. With the Booster feature, they can increase their savings to Php 1.8 million, which is a significant boost to their financial goals.

Aside from the guaranteed return and Booster feature, FutureBoost also offers flexible payment terms, allowing customers to choose the payment frequency that suits their budget. They can opt to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Moreover, FutureBoost is also a tax-efficient savings plan. Customers can enjoy tax-free returns on their investment, making it a more attractive option for those who want to maximize their savings.

Manulife’s FutureBoost is an excellent product for Filipinos who want to achieve their financial goals faster. Whether it’s saving for a down payment on a house, funding a child’s education, or building a retirement fund, FutureBoost can help customers reach their goals with ease.

With its guaranteed return, Booster feature, flexible payment terms, and tax-efficient savings, FutureBoost is a product that every Filipino should consider. It’s a smart and secure way to save money and achieve financial freedom.