InLife honors top advisors and leader.

 InLife honors top advisors and leader.

InLife, one of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines, recently held its annual recognition event to honor its top advisors and leaders. The event, which was held at the Grand Ballroom of the Shangri-La at the Fort in Taguig City, was attended by over 1,000 guests, including InLife’s top executives, advisors, and employees.

The event was a celebration of the hard work and dedication of InLife’s top advisors and leaders, who have helped the company achieve its goals and objectives. InLife’s President and CEO, Mona Lisa B. de la Cruz, expressed her gratitude to the awardees for their outstanding performance and contribution to the company’s success.

“Tonight, we honor our top advisors and leaders who have shown exceptional performance and dedication to their work. They have helped us achieve our goals and objectives, and we are grateful for their contribution to our success,” said de la Cruz.

The awardees were recognized for their outstanding performance in various categories, including sales, recruitment, and leadership. The top advisors were awarded with plaques and cash incentives, while the top leaders were given special recognition for their leadership skills and contribution to the company’s growth.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of InLife’s top advisor, who was awarded with the prestigious “Advisor of the Year” award. The award was given to the advisor who has shown exceptional performance in sales, customer service, and leadership.

In her acceptance speech, the “Advisor of the Year” awardee, Ms. Maria Cristina C. Santos, expressed her gratitude to InLife for the recognition and support. She also shared her insights on how to become a successful advisor, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships with clients and providing excellent customer service.

“I am honored to receive this award, and I am grateful to InLife for the recognition and support. To become a successful advisor, you need to build strong relationships with your clients and provide excellent customer service. You also need to be passionate about your work and always strive to improve yourself,” said Santos.

The event was a testament to InLife’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding its top performers. It also served as a motivation for the company’s advisors and leaders to continue striving for excellence and contributing to the company’s growth and success.