OREO inspires playfulness among Filipinos, marks 110th year

 OREO inspires playfulness among Filipinos, marks 110th year

For 110 years now, OREO has been satisfying and bringing delightful bonding time to families with its delicious and high-quality taste.

The world’s number one cookie and best-tasting sweet sandwich was born in the Chelsea Market in Manhattan back in 1912. Since then, OREO has been offered in other flavors and varieties yet continues to be the sweet snack that is part of and inspires more playful moments among consumers around the world.

This is how OREO’s maker Mondelēz International wants to celebrate the cookie’s 110th year — make more families have playful moments with OREO.

“OREO is known to be a playful cookie because of the fun experience, the delicious cookie, the high-quality product, and the way that it brings people together because of the fun and playful way to consume it,” said Criselle Villafuerte, senior brand manager for biscuits of Mondelēz International.

Everyone is pretty much aware of the iconic tradition of enjoying an OREO: twist the cookie, lick it, and dunk it in milk. This is what makes the cookie playful and brings families together to have fun.

Mondelēz International wants more Filipinos to have such a fun experience with OREO to mark its 110th year by offering new flavors, making the delight more accessible, and supporting more playful moments among families.

Aside from the original OREO, its beloved taste can also be enjoyed in different and playful snacking formats in the Philippines. Each year, Mondelēz Internatinoal launches seasonal flavors in the market. It brought out around three flavors last year, among which is the new OREO Fizzy and the return of the Peanut Butter and Chocolate OREO and the Golden OREO.

This year, as part of its 110th birthday celebration, new OREO flavors will be available that consumers can enjoy.

“We are also offering different pack offers, the P7.60 pack at sari-sari stores.Iin supermarkets we are also coming up with a more value-for-money or budget pack that will enable people to enjoy an OREO,” Ms. Villafuerte shared.

And to support more fun and playful experiences with OREO among families, the Save Dads campaign was launched in January, which is also part of OREO’s 110th celebration.

The campaign involved the #OREOSaveDads dance challenge that hopes to bring out the playful side of hardworking dads as they join their kids in enjoying Oreo.

“We know that now in the pandemic, work-life balance is difficult as everyone’s working from home. That is why we have the Save Dads campaign to remind everyone to always have playful moments with your kids even you are working from home. And you can use an OREO for that,” Ms. Villafuerte said.

OREO will mark its 110th birthday in the Philippines in May and will be filled with exciting activities that consumers should watch out for. “We want to celebrate the 110 years of making consumers’ lives more playful,” Ms. Villafuerte said.

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