Get Mapua’s premier engineering and IT education from home through its fully online programs

 Get Mapua’s premier engineering and IT education from home through its fully online programs

A good college education is one of the most rewarding achievements a person can have. Getting an academic degree from a reputable institution presents numerous opportunities for individuals seeking to launch their careers successfully. Mapua University, an enabler of Filipinos’ successes here in the country and abroad, understands this very well and ensures that its program offerings meet the desired outcomes of learners under any circumstance.

Mapua is a top-ranked university in Asia, as declared by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), with internationally recognized program offerings. It is a known trailblazer in Philippine education with significant contributions to reforming the traditional learning setup. Over the years, it has harnessed the potential and power of digital technology in delivering leading-edge education to learners, constantly innovating delivery methods that break geographical, time, and eventual barriers. This makes Mapua a recognized leader in digital education and online learning in the Philippines and one of the most digital-ready universities in Asia.

Upholding excellence in digital learning

Mapua’s most recent remarkable undertaking for digital education is the launching of Mapua UOx or the Ubiquitous Online Experience. It is its initiative in delivering fully online bachelor’s degree programs through its very own platform Cardinal EDGE or Education in a Digital and Global Environment.

Offered under Mapua UOx are six Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-approved fully online undergraduate programs in engineering and information technology, namely Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

The fully online programs uphold the same excellent quality of education as Mapua’s internationally accredited on-campus counterparts’ (blended programs). They follow the principle of outcomes-based education, with curricula designed to attain the desired student outcomes that will make their graduates highly competitive and qualified for the professions they are prepared for.

Features and benefits of Mapua UOx

The Mapua UOx programs are facilitated through Mapua’s strong digital capabilities composed of powerful educational tools and vast and up-to-date online learning resources. This expands the reach of its education globally, bringing its world-recognized education closer to Filipino homes.

The programs provide learners with the flexibility of “anytime, anywhere” education. They feature teaching and learning activities that are designed to be asynchronous, wherein there is no required real-time interaction between students and instructors. Students can access content and coursework at a time that best suits their schedule, with deadlines for completion and submission of assessment tasks and the University’s academic calendar being the only time considerations in these programs.

Furthermore, the flexibility of self-paced learning makes the required academic tasks not interfere with day-to-day routines like family life, chore time, or even leisure breaks, which allows students to develop other skills and pursue their passions alongside learning.

Getting assistance from the University will also be convenient for fully online students despite the remote learning setup, as Mapua provides life coaches that act as advisers throughout students’ academic life. Life coaches closely assist on matters related to fully online studies, such as academic advising and enrollment, career advising and placement opportunities, goal setting, time management and social skills coaching, and other transactions with the University.

Creating this alternative to on-campus schooling presents excellent opportunities for learning for Filipinos. It has made Mapua’s world-renowned education accessible to students, helping them earn their dream degree toward the attainment of their personal goals. This is also equally notable for parents who want to ensure their children the best education they desire for them regardless of geographical, time, and other constraints. The fully online programs follow Mapua’s quarter system, and students may apply and enroll in any quarter in the academic year.

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